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Via Mercatorum

A collection of ancient mule tracks that cross some areas between the Val Seriana and Val Brembana, two of the main Bergamo valleys…

About Via Mercatorum.

Via Mercatorum is one of the historic routes we can find in the Bergamo area. Its Latin name suggests its purpose: this was the road that merchants used to travel during the Middle Ages up to the construction of the Via Priula, which was built in 1593 under the Venetian domination.
Before this event, there had been a road that leaded from Bergamo up to the Val Seriana, to Alzano Lombardo, Nembro and then Selvino, which then changed its direction towards Val Brembana.

Headquarters: Via Sant’Erasmo 5 (SP31), 24010 Costa Serina (BG) – Loc. Trafficanti
Registered office: Via Nespello 7,  24010 Costa Serina (BG) – Loc. Nespello


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“The cultural association “La Via Mercatorum” was born”. This is the title on the local newspaper, “L’Eco di...

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Gioco Mount, an excursion with the whole family!

It exists, not far from the centre of the magnificent Serina, a pretty village that is really worth visiting! Because, you know, it is not...

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I have repeatedly heard the words of Giacinto Gambirasio in Bergamo’s dialect: "Caràter de la rassabergamasca: fiàma de rar, sóta la sènder brasca" (Bergamo’s breed temper: it rarely inflames, but underneath the ashes, embers) ... so I tried to gently blowing on the ashes and I discovered with joy a strong heat, which makes you feel welcomed; a heat of a generous soul that elevates the earth to the sky. “Have a good trip!” to those who really want to get to know this land and its people in the ancient footsteps of merchants ...
Silvia Bonomi

Eat and sleep

Harlequin’s holiday home

Harlequin’s holiday home is located in the hamlet of Oneta, in the municipality of San Giovanni Bianco, in the middle of one of the...

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Al Posto Giusto

A Costa Serina, in Piazza Fra’ Cecilio, si trova il ristorante Al Posto Giusto. Una struttura moderna e frizzante immersa nella vera...

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B&B Casa Marinella

The Bed and breakfast Casa Marinella is situated in the small and cozy historic center of Lenna, the first village “beyond the...

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