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“The cultural association “La Via Mercatorum” was born”.
This is the title on the local newspaper, “L’Eco di Bergamo”, on 9th May, 2019:

In the wake of the editorial success of the “Guide to the Via Mercatorum”, the group was formed to continue the work of enhancing a territory that deserves to be increasingly rediscovered and made known.
These are the main aims that the association intends to pursue by statute:
• promote the knowledge and enhancement of the area crossed by the historic street called “Via Mercatorum” and of its historical, cultural, artistic and environmental heritage;
• inform tourists, hikers, or anyone who requests it, on itineraries, places of interest, accommodation facilities and events organized on the Via Mercatorum territory;
• organize group excursions on the historic route;
• create a space for consulting publications, written or audio-visual works, maps, photographs relating to the Via Mercatorum, its historic buildings, works of art, the history of the characters born or transited here, the landscape and environmental heritage;
• operate in collaboration with local authorities, cultural institutions and other associations in order to promote cultural initiatives aimed at pursuing the aforementioned purposes.
The association is based inside the birthplace of the venerable Fra ‘Cecilio Maria Cortinovis, at 7 via Nespello in Costa Serina (Bergamo).
The house is today owned by the municipality and it can be visited during the opening of the association, two Sundays a month.

Birthplace of Fra Cecilio Maria Cortinovis

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