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CAI Valserina opened the dances of the excursions on the Via Mercatorum for the 2019 season.
On Sunday, March 24th, the participants from Serina faced a circular route for the two variants of the Mercatorum that reach Cornello dei Tasso, in order to discover the beauty of the landscape, but also the wonderful villages crossed.

The group at the start

The first section faces the climb towards the Crocetta Pass to Dossena.

Towards Crocetta Pass

Crocetta Pass 1051 m

We continue to the Dossena tambourine camp.

Towards the tambourine camp in Dossena

Along the variant of Via Mercatorum that reaches Cornello dei Tasso through the villages of Bosco Fuori, Bosco Entro and Grumo.

Arriving at Bosco Fuori

Bosco Fuori

At the edge of the pine forest towards Bosco Entro

Bosco Entro just above us

Admiring Bosco Entro and his frescoes

The church of San Rocco in Bosco

San Rocco and its arcade

We start again in the direction of Grumo

To Grumo


Bridge over the Brembo river before the ascent to Cornello

Towards Cornello dei Tasso you can meet horses

The way back from Cornello to Serina is all uphill, passing by Oneta, homeland of Arlecchino, and then San Giovanni Bianco and its districts.
Group photo in memory of this beautiful sunny day in very pleasant company and a sincere thanks to the CAI Valserina that organized it!

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