Harlequin’s holiday home is located in the hamlet of Oneta, in the municipality of San Giovanni Bianco, in the middle of one of the most characteristic and best preserved stretches of Via Mercatorum which leads directly to the village of Cornello dei Tasso in about 30 minutes of easy walking.

Harlequin‘s holiday home – living room 1

The village of Oneta, which gave birth to the famous Bergamo mask of Harlequin whose adventures have been represented in the comedy and puppet theater since the 16th century, is one of the best preserved in the Brembana valley.

Harlequin‘s holiday home – living room 2

Harlequin’s holiday home is managed by the O.T.E.R cooperative which is responsible for encouraging and promoting the typical culture of the area in the Brembana Valley through countless events and services.

Harlequin‘s holiday home – bathroom 1

Comfortable, modern and colorful inside, it awaits you to welcome you and offer you many historical-cultural ideas and naturalistic itineraries to those who want to take it as a starting point for their own experience.

Harlequin‘s holiday home – bathroom 2

For more information: www.orobietourism.com

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