About Via Mercatorum.

“Via Mercatorum” is one of the historic routes we can find in the Bergamo area. Its Latin name suggests its purpose: this was the road that merchants used to travel during the Middle Ages up to the construction of the Via Priula, which was built in 1593 under the Venetian domination.
Before this event, there had been a road that leaded from Bergamo up to the Val Seriana, to Alzano Lombardo, Nembro and then Selvino, which then changed its direction towards Val Brembana. From Selvino, a dual path departed: an older one that reached Serina descending to Algua and going up through Pagliaro and Frerola; then, a more recent one that ran high towards Aviatico, Trafficanti and Nespello of Costa Serina, Cornalba and then to Serina.

The tracks continued through Dossena, having Cornello dei Tasso as their final destination. From Dossena it was possible to follow two variants: passing through the localities of Bosco Fuori, Bosco Entro and Grumo or for San Giovanni Bianco and Oneta.

Their purpose was reaching the market that used to take place under the arcades of the old houses in Cornello, a crossroads for trades directed to the upper Brembana Valley and the Valtellina, which was the Canton of Graubunden and Swiss territory at that time.

Guide to the Via Mercatorum

The protagonist of this new guide is the “Via Mercatorum”, a collection of ancient mule tracks that cross some areas between the Val Seriana and Val Brembana, two of the main Bergamo valleys …

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