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It exists, not far from the centre of the magnificent Serina, a pretty village that is really worth visiting!
Because, you know, it is not a common hamlet and, in history, it was even more important than Serina itself.
Its name is Lepreno and it is located right on the slopes of Gioco Mount (or Zucco Mount), whose summit is the destination of our excursion.

Lepreno, today a hamlet of Serina

Outside of the Lepreno’s Church

Here we can admire the ancient church dedicated to the saints “Giacomo Maggiore” Apostle, and “Alessandro Martire” (Martyr). The first stone of the primitive church was laid in 1190.

External detail of the church of Lepreno

Not far from the church we can find signs that lead us into the paved lanes between the houses …

Above us the Gioco Mount and its anti-peak ” Zucchino”

We leave the residential area and follow the CAI path 598.

Just outside the village towards the summit of Gioco Mount

A barn along the way

The CAI 598 path leads to the top of Gioco Mount

The path climbs without excessive slope, in the open sky: in hot summer days it is advisable to bring water and a hat!

Clear zig zag of the path on the slope of Gioco Mount

Young hikers are trying hard to conquer the summit

We continue to climb up to the crest where this sign indicates the possible directions.

On our right Zucchino Mount (1206 mt.); on the left we continue towards the cross of Gioco Mount. The slope is accentuated in the last stretch of path.

We are at 1366 mt. and we have faced a drop of about 500 meters with a journey time of about 1 hour and 30 minutes.
The excursion is suitable for everyone, even for children, without forgetting that the mountain walks require prudence, respect and appropriate clothing, especially suitable footwear!
What we presented to you is one of the many hiking opportunities that Gioco Mount offers to trekking lovers.
We return to Lepreno following the same path, enjoying the magnificent view of the surrounding peaks and the villages of Valserina!

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