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We report the very recent publication concerning Costa Serina, one of the Municipalities crossed by the Via Mercatorum.

“The History of Costa Serina from the origins to the early 1400s” by Andrea Cortinovis – Equa Edition, is a wonderful journey to rediscover the history of Costa Serina and its surroundings.
An interesting description from the geological formation of the territory to pre-history, up to the ancient history, to the Middle Ages, to the birth of the Municipalities, to the struggles between Guelphs and Ghibellines: through an accurate historical research, it is the story of documented anecdotes, without forgetting the heraldry, the coats of arms of the main families of Costa and surroundings.
We want to give emphasis to the other merits of this text: it has a chapter dedicated to toponymy, which leads us to discover the reasons why every name, district and place was given that very name.

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