Between the Via Alta and the oldest street of the Via Mercatorum, near the fifteenth-century church in Ascensione, there is a fascinating bed and breakfast.

Its owner is called Stephanie Segatto and she manages this structure founded in May 2018.

Although not a native of the area, she has spent his holidays here for years. One day her father, seeing this ancient structure, whose walls date back to the 1800s, had the idea of restructuring it personally to make it available to tourists, not only during the busiest summer period, but also throughout the rest of the year.

The name of the B&B already says a lot about the spirit of the place. The house has been revisited and restructured with particular attention to preserving the taste of the furnishings and accessories of the past. The structure is set in a restful mountain setting with a pleasant view of the surrounding mountains, but also within the village of Ascensione, with the possibility of having nearby the convenience of a bar with a kiosk and a mini-market easily reachable on foot.

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