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This year the carnival in Trafficanti is the 13th edition of “‘ M brusa ol Pèro » (we burn Pero), but the tradition has its roots in much more remote times.

Ol Pèro

“Ol Pèro” is tried every year of these times for the misdeeds committed and it is condemned to the stake.
It symbolically represents what is negative in each of us: on the stake we burn negativity and error. With this gesture we also want to throw away and drive away the winter with its difficulties and its miseries before welcoming the arrival of spring for a new rebirth.

The afternoon opens with a parade through the country’s districts. Costa Serina extends over a rather vast territory and confetti and cheerfulness invade its districts. This is the town that has the good fortune to be crossed by different old roads: the Via Mercatorum on the Via Alta to Trafficanti and Costa, on the oldest road to Ambriola, on the connecting stretch between the two routes to Ascension.
Here are the protagonists of the colorful show!

Disguises and masks with attention to details, joy and, as always, the heart!

For the occasion, the “Riccio Company’s Theatre with its marvelous puppets arrived here from San Pellegrino.
Zanni opens the representation and here around our mountains the call to respect the earth cannot be missed: the earth, from which everything is born, to which everything returns.

Zanni opens the representation of the Puppet Theaterr

“Gioppino and the diamond field” sees on the scene the Bergamo mask par excellence, the good and incorruptible “Giupì”, a peasant with a noble soul, along with Margì, his wife, and the Arlecchino, a native of Oneta.

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Between lottery, fritters, mulled wine and sausages …

… the time has come to light the brazier!

See you in Trafficanti!

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