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The first relay race along the Via Mercatorum took place on Sunday, July 14th.
From Nembro to Camerata Cornello, mayors, associations and local groups reunited to rediscover together the historical route and its cultural, historical, religious and environmental heritage.
The baton chosen was a flask that contained water, source of life and indispensable resource. For this event, water was taken from Serio river, which was then thrown into the waters of Brembo river to symbolize how this route joined the two main Bergamo’s valleys in the past.

Departure was from Nembro, between via Lonzo and via dei Vitalba, at the start of the CAI path 535, which leads to the Sanctuary of Zuccarello, with the mayor Claudio Cancelli and the councilor for the enhancement of the territory Gianluigi Comotti. The president of the CAI section of Bergamo, Paolo Valoti, accompanies and leads the relay race.

Wonderful Lujo valley

Church of St. Barnabas in Salmezza

Once in the sports field in Via Manzù, the administrations of the municipalities of Selvino and Algua received the baton.
Deputy Mayor Maurizio Remo Acerbis and the municipal councilor responsible for construction and the environment Virginia Magoni were present in representation of the town of Selvino; the mayor Pier Angelo Acerbis, the deputy mayor Sirio Grigis, the councilor Valeria Tagliaferri and the councilor Luigi Marconi for the municipality of Algua.

The mayor of Nembro Claudio Cancelli passes the baton to the deputy mayor of Selvino Maurizio Remo Acerbis and to the mayor of Algua Pier Angelo Acerbis

Mayor of Algua Pier Angelo Acerbis with Paolo Valoti president of CAI Bergamo


Councilor Virginia Magoni gives partecipants an interesting documentation on the territory

The groups separate: the first group, with the deputy mayor of Selvino, heads towards Aviatico; the second one, with the mayor of Algua, proceeds in the direction of Serina, passing through Rigosa, Ambriola, Pagliaro, Frerola and Rosolo.
Along the “Via Alta” … ..

Under the watchful eye of the Alpine troops, the deputy mayor of Selvino, Maurizio Remo Acerbis, passed the baton to the mayor of Aviatico, Mattia Carrara.

The keystone that made even more magical the transit on the Selvino-Aviatico plateau was the passion and deep-rooted love for the territory of the following groups: the GESA group (Ecological Group Selvino Aviatico), the “Pro loco Aviatico” and the Alpine groups of Selvino, Amora and Aviatico. They managed a welcome refreshment with fruit, bread and salami and fresh drinks.

The writer and poet Aurora Cantini is witnessing the passage of the baton

The relayers resumed their journey towards Trafficanti – Costa Serina.

Overview of Aviatico with its parish church and the church of San Rocco

Overview of Aviatico with its parish church and the church of San Rocco

In representation for the administration of the municipality of Costa Serina: the mayor Fausto Dolci, deputy mayor Tatiana Cortinovis, councilor Giorgio Brozzoni, councilor Giulia Gherardi.

The mayor of Aviatico Mattia Carrara passes the baton to the mayor of Costa Serina Fausto Dolci

Stone bridge in Passoni

The mayor of Cornalba, Alessandro Vistalli, receives the baton from the mayor of Costa Serina, Fausto Dolci. Corna Bianca Mount in the background.

The parade goes to Serina along the road; it is escorted by a Carabinieri car.

Church of San Pantaleone

Meanwhile … on the “Via più Antica” (the Oldest Street) …


The group goes down to Algua passing through Rigosa, a hamlet of Algua, Ambriola, a hamlet of Costa Serina, and goes back to Serina passing through the villages of Algua Pagliaro, Frerola and then Rosolo.
The virtuous group had the longest journey, 5 hours of walking!
Two citizens of Pagliaro have kindly offered a refreshment.
The “Via Alta” and the “Via Più Antica” lead to Serina, entering reunited and triumphant in the historical centre of the town.

I sindaci Pier Angelo Acerbis del comune di Algua e Alessandro Vistalli del comune di Cornalba consegnano al sindaco di Serina Giorgio Cavagna il testimone. Presente per l’amministrazione comunale di Serina anche il consigliere Emanuele Maurizio.

The mayors Pier Angelo Acerbis of the municipality of Algua and Alessandro Vistalli of the municipality of Cornalba delivered the baton to the mayor of Serina Giorgio Cavagna. Councilor Emanuele Maurizio was also present for the municipal administration of Serina.

After passing through the Cloister of the Holy Trinity in Serina, the group left for Dossena, passing along the “tricuside fountain” (which has become the symbol of the Via Mercatorum), in the priceless and inalienable presence of the “sub-section Valserina Cai”.

Once in Dossena, the walkers found Fabio Bonzi mayor of Dossena and Marco Milesi mayor of San Giovanni Bianco, who were waiting for the baton. Councilor Riccardo Omacini was also present for the administration of Dossena.
Refreshments in the afternoon heat are appreciated by everyone.

The mayor of Serina Giorgio Cavagna hands the baton to Fabio Bonzi mayor of Dossena and Marco Milesi mayor of San Giovanni Bianco

SThe youth group of Dossena and their Pang’ono Pang’ono, Heart of Women and the Mercatorum and Priula Cultural Pole are present with their enthusiasm and joy.

The groups separated again: both reached Cornello dei Tasso by going through two different variants.
The group with the mayor of Dossena Fabio Bonzi arrived in Cornello through the villages of Bosco Fuori, Bosco Entro and Grumo.
Along the way at “Ol Runchelì del Manuelì” the owner family has provided refreshments, in Grumo the church was open for the occasion and hosted the pilgrims.

In the church of Grumo

Once arrived at the bridge over the Brembo river and before going up to the historic village of Cornello dei Tasso, the mayor Fabio Bonzi with Paolo Valoti, president of CAI Bergamo, poured the water from the water bottle, which contained a sample of the water from the Serio, in the Brembo river . The gesture symbolically meant to represent the union between the two great valleys of Bergamo, Seriana and Brembana.

The Serio water contained in the water bottle is thrown into the Brembo river

Meanwhile, the group with the mayor of San Giovanni Bianco Marco Milesi goes down to San Giovanni passing through San Gallo, Costa San Gallo, Piazzo and, upon reaching the Old bridge, it completes the symbolic act of union.

The mayor of San Giovanni Bianco Marco Milesi pours the Serio water into the Brembo river

Passing through Oneta, home of “Arlecchino” (Harlequin), the group reaches Cornello dei Tasso.
The municipal administration welcomes the relay. With the mayor of Camerata Cornello Andrea Locatelli, the following personalities are also present: Stefano Belotti, events and demonstrations adviser, Dario Pizzati Casaccia, advisor to youth policies and Roberta Tassi, deputy mayor.


The mayor of San Giovanni Bianco Marco Milesi hands the baton to the mayor of Camerata Cornello, Andrea Locatelli

After the reception and refreshment, the “Museo dei Tasso e della Storia Postale” (Tasso’s and Postal History Museum) offers an interesting guided tour of the village.

Before leaving and going to dinner at the Camozzi trattoria, a group photo:
the female component and “Cuore di Donna” (Heart of a Woman)

The complete group

Thus, a day dedicated to joy, simplicity and union ended.
Two important things has emerged: the attachment of each one to his own land (a land rich in history, culture, beauty) and, furthermore, the awareness that together we can bring back from the past an heritage that belongs to us and that we are ready to share.

We would like to thank: the mayors Claudio Cancelli, Pier Angelo Acerbis, Mattia Carrara, Fausto Dolci, Alessandro Vistalli, Giorgio Cavagna, Fabio Bonzi, Marco Milesi and Andrea Locatelli and the deputy mayor Maurizio Remo Acerbis for having taken the baton and all the members of the municipal administrations of the countries involved; the groups and associations of the territory already mentioned during the story of this day, all those who walked along the Via Mercatorum and those who, although not present, would have liked to participate. Thanks to those who wanted to offer a refreshment in the heat and to those who spent their time on cleaning paths and mule tracks.
Thanks to the representatives of the territory that allowed a good organization of the event: the councilor Gianluigi Comotti for the town of Nembro, the councilor for tourism Mario Vitali and the tourist office of the municipality of Selvino, Wiliam Marconi pro loco di Rigosa for the municipality of Algua, Andreina Dentella pro loco of Aviatico, councilor Riccardo Omacini for the municipality of Dossena, councilor Mara Milesi and Giuseppna Manzoni for the municipality of San Giovanni Bianco, councilor Stefano Belotti for the municipality of Camerata Cornello.
Thanks for the photographic contribution to: Cesare Adobati, Giuliana Carrara, Paolo Valoti, Lucio Lazzarini, Giulia Gherardi, Paolo Ratti, Mimmo Isolino, Andreina Dentella.
Finally, congratulations to those who have travelled the entire journey from Nembro to Camerata Cornello: Paolo Valoti, Cristian Carlotti, Massimo Ranica, Ivan Gelpi and Gian Piero Sapa.
Sincere thanks to CAI Bergamo and the members of the “La Via Mercatorum” association for organizing the event.

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