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Along the “Via Mercatorum”, in the town of Costa Serina, a new square was inaugurated on 1st May, 2019.
It is not just a square like any others, but a place that honours the merit of all those people who “offer” with their hearts, in silence, every day.
It is called “Terrazza della generosità” (Generosity Square) and it is particularly dedicated to AVIS and AIDO donors. (Italian Associations of Voluntary Blood and Organs Donors).
It is a panoramic terrace, in the place where you can enjoy the most generous landscape; it is not by chance placed at the beginning of via Nespello, a street on the Via Mercatorum that leads to the birthplace of the venerable, illustrious “Fra Cecilio Maria Cortinovis”, a person who represents the first example, the excellence of generosity for his fellow citizens , here in Costa Serina. (see “Fra Cecilio Maria” on this site)

Some views of the new square:

The morning opens with the Holy Mass in the church of Forcella, the hub on the historical medieval street since ancient times.

Forcella Church in Costa Serina

Following the procession towards the new square.

The mayor of Costa Serina Fausto Dolci welcomes the meeting, and with him the president of the Province of Bergamo Gianfranco Gafforelli, the Lombardy regional secretary Giovanni Malanchini and the MEP Marco Zanni.
There is a common thread within the interventions: safeguarding the mountain communities by opting for land management choices that avoid depopulation and conversely strengthen the beating heart of the whole country. Even in a global context, we do not fail to protect traditions and enhance history and culture.

From left the MEP Marco Zanni, the president of the province of Bergamo Gianfranco Gafforelli, the mayor of Costa Serina Fausto Dolci and the secretary of the Lombardy Region Giovanni Malanchini

Praising words to the voluntary work and its providential role, following the footsteps of Fra Cecilio who “is a master of generosity”, are those of Andrea Cortinovis, president of AIDO for the territory of Algua, Bracca and Costa Serina. Also the municipal AVIS’ president Elio Ghirardi and the provincial president Diego Locatelli add their thankful words and say the Donors’ Prays.

From the right: Provincial President Diego Locatelli, AIDO President of Algua, Bracca and Costa Serina Andrea Cortinovis and AVIS President of Algua Bracca and Costa Serina Elio Ghirardi

The mayors of the neighbouring towns of Algua and Aviatico; the mayor of Paladina; the representation of the police forces of the Carabinieri in the person of Raffaele Scala; the priest Don Roberto, who gives solemn blessing, and numerous citizens are also present.

The new plaque is discovered:

Tricolour ribbon cutting

The new plaque is discovered:

A sentence from Fra Cecilio is printed on it and it sounds like an invitation to the passers-by:

“The world needs Love for others above all “

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