In the heart of Trafficanti, near the church of sant’Erasmo, just beyond the oratory, an ancient tavern called Tasù has existed for generations.Today Mrs. Amalia Gherardi continues in the work started by her grandfather with the managementof the Tasù bar, with a small food shop attached, small but well stocked with all kinds of first necessities and more! Once upon a time there were also wools and yarns for women who worked wool or lace in the cold mountain winters. In 2018 it is even more fascinating to find this small reality in a modern context, where tourists are accustomed to large city supermarkets.Here in Trafficanti, where the Via Mercatorum detaches from the provincial road to descend along Val Tassone (Tassone Valley), this sweet lady welcomes the travellers and tells with joy and a littlenostalgia of the bowling green that was in front of her bar.The Tasù bar is an essential stopover where anyone can enjoy a delicate and warm welcome at any time. Mrs. Amalia is always present, in summer and in winter, and even if, you find yourself having to knock on her door, on the closing day of the winter that is Wednesday, be sure that she will open you anyway! This is the spirit of those who proudly carry on the activity created by his family with tireless sacrifice and dedication, the characteristics of the people from Bergamo, whoseecho has crossed the boundaries of the province and of Lombardy as well.At the Tasù bar there is everything you could ask for, from a boiling winter chocolate to a fresh ice cream in the summer heat.At the moment the restaurant service is no longer active, but a sandwich will certainly not be denied: to taste it, the cosy dining room will be available to the customer





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