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The “Monastery Cloister of the SS. Trinity” Association has been settled in Serina since 2011.

Its president, Mr. Luciano Cavagna, explains us that this Association was born with the main purpose of preserving, promoting and keeping alive the structure of the cloister located on the main street of the historic centre of Serina. It is always open and visible to the tourists.
During the year the Association supports artistic and cultural initiatives with exhibitions, concerts and events which, in the context of the cloister, tend to enhance the territory.

The Association, which supported the publication of the “Guide to the Via Mercatorum”, had already produced, on the occasion of Expo 2015, an interesting, informative and pleasant audio-guide about Serina. In our Guide people are invited to listen to this audio-guide while walking through the historic centre of the town and its districts.
For more information about the origins of the cloister and the monastery and on the events promoted by the Association it is advisable to consult the website:


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