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The third edition of the “Mercanc ‘en cuntrade, dù pass‘ n de la Via Mercatorum” Festival was held on 13 October in the Piàsa district in Serina. A celebration of tradition and good humour, with fun! The party opened with a snack and Fattorandia (Farmland) space for the little ones. During the afternoon we have seen traditional costumes and ancient crafts handed down from generation to generation among the people who really live in the mountains, who still know how to card the wool with the tools of the past, make the cheese, the good one, and knead the “Casoncelli”, a typical dish of the Bergamo culinary tradition.
There was no shortage of aperitifs, seasonal fruit, roasted chestnuts and the indispensable pancakes!
In the context of the district in the magnificent Serina …

Women card wool …

Demonstration of how cheese is made …

The “Val Serina” brand cheese…

… to enrich the flavours of our land …

Casoncelli and homemade ravioli

Strong moment of the evening: the games in the district!
9 teams composed of at least 5 players dressed in theme! Costumes and accessories (compulsory for participation in the games), revealed only the night before, obliged the participants to organize themselves in a short time to find carpenters’, miners’, doctors’, masons’ and laundresses’ clothes, in order to win the prize given to the better dressed team.
Each team had a representative banner with the name of the group!
Imaginative and fun names!

The games opened with the ritual parade on the main street …

Each team was given a list with the 10 tests to pass:

We offer a taste of it:
Bring the wheelbarrow:

The beautiful sink:

Make the wall and Ol barber:

Throw the disc and Carry the sick:

Sled and Pulls on the carbù:

Skiing in the district:

Fill the fiasco:

The one who scored the most points for each round won. Here is the final ranking:
9th place: Real but Bif
8th place: Cheese Pirates
7th place: Quelli del Ciaone
6th place: Scarsenal
5th place: Ali & Co
4th place: I bezzotti
3rd place: I Gustus
2nd place: The Brigands and …
drum roll for the top finishers! I BRUSAC!

Special prizes have been awarded to:
Those of the Ciaone for the best clothing

Cheese pirates, the only team made up of women only!

The Gustus for the best banner!

The Gustus

Thanks to all participants and in particular to those who organized this event with great care and attention to details, but above all with heart!

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