“Belvedere” hotel is located on the Aviatico plateau, along the Via Mercatorum route that continues to Trafficanti and Nespello.
It is located in Via Cantul 46 right at the foot of the dolomitic Cornagera and a few hundred meters from the cable railway that goes up to Mount Poieto: the view is wonderful.
The family-run hotel belongs to the Acerbis heirs. The pride of home cooking, here you can taste the typical Bergamo dishes: casoncelli, rice, tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms and then polenta with venison, braised beef and the inevitable roasts. Homemade desserts range from apple-pie to pears and chocolate cake or a delicate lemon and pistachio cakes.
The hotel is active during the summer period; as for the low season it is better to contact the managers since the opening is not always guaranteed.

Per maggiori informazioni e contatti: www.hotelbelvedereaviaticoselvino.it

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