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The Via Mercatorum in Lonno today is also this: “NaTole 2018”, the Christmas gathering of the “Tole Orobiche”!

The group of people fond of a particular model of car, the“Due cavalli cars” was born in 2006: a dozen friends meet in the parking lot of the south curve of the Bergamo stadium for an evening with friends. Here the idea was born and… from the first guests meeting in Castione della Presolana to the “Wine Festival”, this year, for the tenth consecutive year, they have been in the heart of Lonno, the arrival point of the first itinerary of the Via Mercatorum that goes up from Nembro and he heads towards Selvino.

Church of S. Antonio Abate in Lonno

Tole Orobiche in Lonno

Two days dedicated to good humor, friendship and passion for the vintage cars! not ordinary cars of all ages: here the heart beats for the engine of the “Due cavalli” (literally: 2 horses) and derivatives and for these colorful car bodies, there is something for all tastes, how can you not stop and look at them?

A lot of people coming from many provinces came her for the precious occasion: Lodi, Cuneo, Pavia, Brescia, Trento. A lot of stories about travels around Europe and truly unique adventures that only those who have such a car could have lived !

The organizers cooked delicious delicacies for everyone.

See you here in Lonno next year!


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