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In the hamlet of Costa Serina called Trafficanti, the Via Mercatorum that comes from Aviatico now follows the provincial road. But we want to reveal a little secret … there is still a trace, now abandoned, of what was the real mule track. Partially invaded by debris from the construction of the road above, the path is still visible and passable for a while. Before reaching the church of Sant’Erasmo, there is a small chapel dedicated to “Madonna della Gamba”. Here the mule track coming from Aviatico had its junction. We tried to retrace it for a short distance.

Initially we passed between some houses to then enter the woods.

Some pieces of cement and debris and the vegetation that gets too thick don’t allow us to continue for a long time.

We are confident that over time the good will of the inhabitants, the love for the territory and the re-evaluation of its history will allow us to put this stretch of Via Mercatorum back on its feet.

Curiosities revealed by the locals, things that only those who live here and here are born can know or remember.

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