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We are on the oldest stretch of Via Mercatorum, the one that from Selvino reaches Serina through the towns of Calverola, Rigosa, Ambriola, Fondrea, Algua, Pagliaro, Frerola and Rosolo.
It is a land of profound devotion: we have recently left the Perello Sanctuary to reach Rigosa, a stage on a historic road that, throughout its journey, tells us the faith that distinguishes its people.

Rigosa is part of the municipality of Algua. Here, every year, at the end of the spiritual exercises of the “Bassa Val Serina” pastoral unit, the parishes of Rigosa and Sambusita, together with the Pro Loco Valle dei Tre Mulini, the children and the whole group that has accepted to get involved in the representation, the Passion of Christ is enacted and relived.
It is not a simple theatrical show, but a real moment of spiritual involvement, reflection and pray, where even the spectator finds himself part of the scene.
The story of the Passion opens and then closes inside the parish church dedicated to St. Anthony the Abbot and Peter the Apostle.

We retrace the fundamental steps of it with some photographs:

The priests plot and corrupt Judas

Jesus at the last supper

The highlights of the Gospel story are revived along the streets of the town.

Jesus is captured in the olive grove

Peter realizes he denied Jesus

Jesus claims to be the Son of God

“He was crucified for us under Pontius Pilate”

Along the way to Calvary, Jesus meets:

Maria, the mother

The Cyrenian


Jesus is put on the cross

The show closes with the contemplation of the dead Christ waiting for Easter and resurrection.

Thanks to Rigosa for this event that awakens our identity as Christians so deeply rooted in these our Bergamo mountain lands.




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