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As for the cycle “Excursions from the Via Mercatorum”, today we are suggesting the top of Podona Mountain.
It is a 7,5 km route, which can be walked in about 2 hours and 45 minutes; it is a 615 metres ascent and it is an equal amount downhill, starting and finishing at the Lonno parish, one hamlet of Nembro.
From the church of Lonno we walk through the town and we reach the Via Mercatorum, as described in the dedicated guide, on the “CAI” (Italian Alpine Club) path 534.

Pilgrim’s cave

We continue along the path up to the sign indicating the crossroads from which the track that goes up Podona Mountain starts.

Around us primroses and crocus, hellebores and heather … which color everything.

First, we reach the foresummit, where we can find the largest cross and a splendid panoramic point

In front of us the summit

View on the Selvino-Aviatico plateau and Poieto Mountain in the background.

We continue towards the summit on steep terrain.

SSummit cross of Podona Mountain, 1,227 metres

We continue going down towards Salmezza.

Salmezza and the small church of San Barnaba

We return to Lonno following path 534.

The Via Mercatorum and the ancient salt warehouse

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