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It seems important to us to talk about this initiative closely linked to the Via Mercatorum. As part of the Municipality of Costa Serina, Mr. Alessandro Bosatelli has promoted an important initiative to redevelop old paths used in the past, before the construction of roads, to connect the hamlets of the village with each other, and used to move livestock. The Municipality of Costa Serina, together with the “Open the Heart Onlus” Association of Scanzorosciate, the “Amici della Montagna Group” of Costa Serina and “La Peta” Agrotourism have created a series of paths, each marked by a different colour, that allow tourists and all the mountain lovers to discover the area around the passage of the Via Mercatorum (the blue path partly follows the ancient Via in the section between Nespello and Passoni). Here is the map.

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